Engine Co. 293

Engine Co. 293
Complete Gut Rehabilitation
Woodhaven, NY

New York City Department of Design & Construction

Sage and Coombe

Key Features
Renovation / addition of a 6,200 SF Historic building – rebuild required maintaining Architectural integrity

Project Conditions
Building was vacated by FDNY, allowing construction to proceed. The site location was on a tight lot bordered by residential housing. Critical care was taken to maintain neighborhood safety and consideration for the neighboring residence.

Gut rehab and third floor addition to historic / non landmark fire house. Apparatus floor was completely replaced, Architectural facade restoration, replacement of wood framed / masonry structure with steel / masonry. Pre existing roof was reframed to support third story addition. Complete windows, doors, finishes, kitchen, bunk and locker rooms, along with interior and exterior supporting areas were incorporated in rebuild. Historic architectural detail had to be maintained at exterior fascade. Project scope consisted of Single Prime PLA complete gut renovation of a historic turn of the century firehouse for NYC FDNY including asbestos abatement, demolition, concrete, slab replacement & masonry restoration, third floor steel framed addition, reframed interior structural, roofing, doors, drywall & ceiling, flooring, painting, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and site utilities.