Fratello Construction provides full services for all your construction needs. Since 1989, we have undertaken projects ranging from new building construction, site development, restoration, renovation, historic, secure, laboratory, information technology, and LEED projects.


Fratello Construction ensures that all steps are taken to properly address pre-construction tasks. Fratello provides a complete review of documents, cost estimates, analysis of the client’s needs, and scheduling of project tasks. Company owners and project teams are assigned to each project to ensure continuity and performance from pre-construction through project completion. The pre-construction process is a critical step in providing a successful, cost-effective, and timely project to the client.


Fratello is successful in analyzing clients’ needs and addressing construction requirements while ensuring minimal interruption of the client’s on-going operations. Fratello manages self-performed and subcontracted work from mobilization through project completion. We have developed internal document controls to manage the project’s progress through completion.

Construction Management

Fratello Construction provides in-depth analysis of contract document review, assist with development, pre-construction survey, pre-construction analysis, coordinate bid process, contractor selection, scheduling, contractor coordination, QA, reporting, meeting management, and coordination between owner and clients through the construction cycle.

Project Recovery

Fratello Construction provides a complete detailed analysis of current project conditions, identifying specific tasks or conditions that has impacted project.  Fratello will provide scheduling review, cost impact analysis, document review, contractor and subcontractor consultations, coordination of meetings, reporting, assist and develop recovery goals, and manage recovery process.

Design Build

Fratello provides site analysis, site selection, predesign survey, site support, field inspection, constructibility review, cost estimating, partnering with Architects, and Engineers to bring a single source design solution, and complete construction services for Design Build projects.

Renovation & Building Maintenance

Fratello has many years of positive experience with building renovations and maintenance.  Our past experience with renovating buildings classified from historic facade restoration, structural stability, adding floor space, roof replacement, replacing MEP, to new tenant space fit out.  Through our experience we are able to efficiently take the steps necessary to provide a complete renovation solution.