Bay Park Water Pollution Control Plant, Phase IIIB-2


Bay Park Water Pollution
Control Plant, Phase IIIB-2
East Rockaway, NY

County of Nassau Department of Public Works

Hazen and Sawyer

Modification (40,000 sq. ft.) of Main Boiler Plant Bldg. & Support Facilities.

Dewatering, Fuel Oil Tank installation, Effluent Pump System, construct new ground floor and mezzanine.

Key Features:
Multi-phased Dewatering, Sheet piling, Heavy Concrete, Masonry, Sprinkler, Controls, and Mechanical Work.

Project Conditions:
Project required work in several buildings throughout site. Project was phased to minimize impact with ongoing facility operations.

The existing boiler building 1st floor slab had previously been demolished and, due to hydrostatic pressure, ballast of pea gravel was placed in basement by others. Project scope included development of a phasing plan to remove ballast, construction of first floor boiler building structural slab, structural steel, multiple boiler mezzanine platforms, elevator, acoustical block and masonry, operable louvers, stainless steel doors and finishes, provide multiple effluent pump and controls at remote building, installation of wet and dry fire suppression systems, sheet piling, dewatering, and excavation and placement of 80,000 gallon fuel oil tanks.