Green Haven Correctional Facility, Building 2

Green Haven Correctional
Facility Provide Secure
Therapy Space & Additional
Observation Cells, Bldg. No. 2
Stormville, NY

DeWolff Partnership Architects, LLP

Key Features:
Secure Area, Multi-Phased, Masonry, Food service, and Detention Equipment.

Project Conditions:
Project site was located within a secure facility that required critical planning between the facility and contractors.

The Therapy Space & Additional Observation Cells, Bldg. No. 2 consisted or renovating of the existing 10,000 sq. ft. Therapy facility and incorporated additional observation cells, stair tower, and upgrade courtyard area. Project required multiple phasing because site was an occupied secured area. Interior work consisted of abatement, demolition, concrete, masonry, steel, detention equipment, carpentry, window glazing, security ceilings, and finishes. Site work consisted of removals, earthwork, and concrete.

Received State Issued recognition for Early Completion.